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A box full of Valentines to give to the Fremont staff.

The Fremont Future Business Leaders of America wanted to thank the middle school staff for all the work they have done this year. They did this by handcrafting Valentines with a sweet treat and a thank you message on it. FBLA members delivered them to all of the teachers and staff by placing them in their boxes. Students did this on Thursday to ensure that the staff got them before Valentine’s Day.

Zoey Godfrey, a participant in the project and eighth-grader at Fremont Middle School, thinks it is very important to thank the Fremont staff. 

She said, “They help us learn and do so much for us. They also encourage us to try new things and prepare us for all the new possibilities that come our way.”

This small act of kindness could make a huge difference. The staff at Fremont has been going through a lot with COVID-19, and FBLA wanted to try to brighten up the day for the staff.

Kathi Swanson, 8th grade ELA and publications teacher at Fremont, holding up her Valentine.

Kaylee Dykes delivers a holiday poster to Avamere at Oak Park on Wednesday.

Fremont Middle School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) found a creative way to spread joy to Roseburg’s seniors, responsibly and safely. Members shot videos telling about their favorite thing to do over the holidays. The videos were constructed into a virtual Christmas Card. FBLA members brought bright, cheerful posters to 8 senior living facilities around Roseburg and the Veterans Affairs office. On them was Fremont FBLA’s website address, where the seniors can find a holiday video made just for them!

Kaylee Dykes, a member of Fremont’s FBLA, says, “I wanted to spread joy to the seniors around the holidays because COVID has made it so they can’t see their families. I believe they deserve some holiday cheer!” Ethan Hurley, a member of Fremont’s FBLA, said the reason he participated was to make people happy and help ensure that seniors enjoy their Christmas.

This is Fremont Middle School’s first community service project with it’s newly activated chapter. Aiyana Brown, Oregon FBLA’s Rogue Umpqua Vice President, said, ” I think the Fremont FBLA chapter is headed for success! They show tremendous initiative and have go-getter attitudes. The middle-level chapter was started very recently and already has 11 members, has hosted multiple meetings, and has created an amazing community service project! I have no doubt that they will fare well in the Regional Skills Conference coming up, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the years to come. You rock Fremont FBLA!”

The chapter is still accepting new members.  For more information about the organization or to view the virtual Christmas card, go to

Bryan Briggs, Fremont FBLA member, said, “I wanted to make people happy because right now it is hard for seniors because, like my great grandparents who live in a retirement facility, they are all in some form of lockdown. We can’t see them now, and other seniors can’t see their family’s either, so I want to give them some Christmas Spirit and let them know that we care.”

A pile of posters to be delivered to senior living facilities around Roseburg on Wednesday!